There are millions of people interested in photography around the world and thousands of them sell their images professionally. That means there’s a lot of competition. However, if you’re interested in selling your photographs there are several ways to make your work stick out. First of all though, you need to make sure your work is creative and top quality.

It’s usually a good idea to focus on one type of photography, such as sports, weddings, or portraits, etc.

You should build a website if possible to advertise and sell the photos and let people know that this type of photography is your passion and specialty. This will basically let customers know that you’re an expert in that field.

You will also narrow down the competition, because if you’re focusing on sports photos, you now only have to compete against other sports photographers instead of every other type of pro.

However, this isn’t written in stone. You may still want to sell your work from a variety of styles. If you choose to dabble in various types of photography, make sure you separate them on your website so people can view them easily.

It’s better to categorize them. This way the viewers won’t have to search through all types of photos on one page.


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