Imogen CunninghamThese immortal words sum up the art of photography. They also express the humbleness of one of the world’s greatest photographer.

Imogen Cunningham had a career spanning seventy five years. All these years were spent in the pursuit of the art of photography.

“My best picture is the one I will take tomorrow,” this was her reply to a query regarding her favorite photograph. This simple sentence represents the depth and honesty of an artist, her belief that her best was yet to come.

This statement drives young photographers and even others to strive and be at their best to achieve in life that certain something able to change the regular photography into a masterpiece. One should never be satisfied with what one has already done, but instead aim to make it better with the next challenge.

If a person becomes satisfied with all that has been done and decides that this was the best work they did, it simply means that they are closing the doors to a better tomorrow, to better work or in this case a better photograph.

The belief in our own talent, in our own ability to do better can be very motivating.  If an artist or for that matter anyone decides that the best is yet to come, then they will try to better themselves and as a result achieve the unachievable.

And this is what makes the digital photography so similar to life.



  1. Imogen Cunningham is one of the photographers that I have been inspired by.Her photographs are wonderful.I really love her botanical photos. They are very stark and striking.But, I’m very much attracted to her portraits. She really captures the human spirit.

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