There are a lot of people who are into photography and most probably they would like to find out about the most popular photography tips. These are meant to help them make better photos and to create an image of themselves according to which they are professionals.

Most Popular Photography Tips


Select the photos

You should select the really good photos to show other people and you should leave the rest in your drawer. Showing all the photos you take decreases the effect that the really good photos have on people not to mention that seeing all those photos becomes quite boring.

The camera to the side

As one of the best photography tips you might want to get used to holding the camera to its side. If the subject of your photo fits into an upright rectangle there in no point in wasting picture space by shooting a landscape photo.


When it comes to the most popular photography tips, think about carefully framing the picture. Take a look at the viewfinder and look what you get to work with. You really need all that background? Couldn’t you get closer to your subject? Maybe you should try to zoom in.


If you are thinking about the photography tips that are the best you should know that photography is all about lights and the way light falls on your subject. If you get to choose the time of your shooting, pick a time when the sun is low in the sky like late afternoon or early morning.

In case you don’t follow most popular photography tips and you shoot when the sun is high in the sky, the eyes of the subjects will be in the shadows or they will be squinting. The advantage of shooting late in the afternoon or in the early morning is that the light looks warmer and the yellows and reds are stronger.

In order to use the top photography tips you should try to position the subject so that the light will come from the side. This way you can achieve a 3D effect. Another idea that you could use is to have the light coming form the back of the subject, but it shouldn’t hit the lens.

Make sure that you use these most popular photography tips the next time you take the camera in your hands.


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