Flaghead Photographic, which is a distributor of Honl Photo products in Ireland and UK has revealed a new 75 min. long David Honl Light DVD.

In the DVD, the photographer David Honl gives tips to set up for every occasion involving 5-10 minutes shots. Traveling throughout the world, he captured these techniques and wanted to share it with everyone.

His countless photos are revealed in famous magazines such as Newsweek, People Magazine, Men’s Fitness, etc.

David Honl explains quick, portable, practical lightning set-ups and techniques that would surely cheer photographers up.

The Honl Photo Professional Speed System, as understood from its name is a practical lightning system that teaches to shape the light without using heavy and costly lightning equipments.

Grids, snoots, Gels and Gobos that can be attached to any mount flash via the Speed Strap, will allow a strap near the flash head to control the light perfectly. The DVD is a Coconut Puppy Production and can be found at £27.60.

David Honl explains lots of photography types in the DVD. Most desirable and attracting ones are; actress Claudia Christian portraits, travel location photos, cooking photos, car shots, etc.

If taking photos without costly materials and learning new easy techniques while taking pictures is a need, the newest DVD by David Honl is a great thing to have around.

Buy at : Flag Head



  1. I love photography.David Honl is a great photographer and i always admire his work.great to get tips from him.I’m going to get this DVD very soon.Many thanks…..

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