Many photographers are wary of shooting in the shade or do not know how to take full advantage of an open shade. Though, if few experts are to be believed, there is hidden opportunity in shooting in open shades which when used appropriately can bring a depth to the photos. Some photographers even look for open shade to get a layer of contrast to the shot.

For those who wish to take advantage of open shade it will be beneficial to go through the list of mistakes to avoid when shooting in shade, given below:

mistakes to avoid when shooting in shade

Shade on the Subject can Work with a Well Lit Background

Some photographers completely forget the fact that even if the subject is in shade, if the subject is well lit in the background, the shot can be amazing. Many photographers are trained to keep some light in the background. So why forget the idea and be worried about shooting in the shade.

Thinking a Lit up Background is all you Need

For all those who believe that shooting a subject in shaded region with a lit up background is the entire job then, they might be making a classic mistake. The mistake that can lead to blowing out of the background; and to avoid this mistake the suggestion is to use a fill in flash. You can also use a reflector so that some of the light around the shade also gets bounced onto the shadow.

Not Using Naked Eye

It is important for all the photographers shooting in the shade to use their naked eye (and not the lens eye) to see if the shade is flattering enough. So don’t make this mistake, instead look around, if the shade isn’t flattering enough then adjust the frame till you are satisfied with the shot and take the click.

Neglecting the Manual

Another classic mistake people end up making is- believing they are above the manuals. If the manuals are there, then it’s so for a reason. So whenever shooting in shade it is important to go through the manual and make sure you understand all the settings needing when shooting under shade. And make use of all these settings to get the most of every single frame.

Thinking Tripods are not Essential/ Needed

Photographers must make note of the fact that stability is very important, particularly when the light is already low like in shaded regions. In such situations not making use of a tripod can be a huge mistake, which must be avoided by all.

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