All photographers know more or less about lonely planet travel photography tips. However, while some of them follow their instincts, others choose to follow the rules of photography to achieve amazing results that need little or no editing.

Lonely Planet Travel Photography Tips

Golden Hour

The hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise are known as the golden hour. This is because at that moment the sun has a lot of yellows and reds. As a result of the warmer light the objects will have a softer look than at noon when usually they have an edgy look.

Blue Hour

In case you are interested in the tips of lonely planet for travel photography you should remember that the blue hour, or twilight, is the hour before sunrise and after sunset. At that point there is some light, but there is no sunlight yet. To make the best of the view the camera needs to be extremely steady or you need a very fast camera.


When thinking about the lonely planet travel photography tips it is good to know that bokeh is a Japanese term and it refers to the blurry parts of a photo. You can achieve this effect by having a bigger aperture of your lenses. As a result the focus can be limited to a given distance.


The photographers interested in lonely planet’s advice for travel photography most probably know that this technique means ‘against the light’. In this case there is supposed to be a bright object behind the subject of the photo, such as the sun.


In case you are looking for the fun ones of the lonely planet travel photography tips, this is the one you have been searching for. In order to achieve the effect you will have to slow the shutter down. The speed of the shutter depends on the light, the speed of the camera and the speed of the subject.

In order to make the best of this advice of lonely planet for travel photography you will have to follow the subject. As a result of the effect the subject will be in focus, while the background is a blur. Naturally it is difficult to make only the background blurry so it is normal for the subject to be a bit blurry as well.

As you can see, there is a lot to know about the lonely planet travel photography tips.


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