The photographers handling fashion are in many cases looking for lighting setups for fashion photography. Although there are a lot of different kinds of setups that they can use, they have to find the one that adds some personality to their photos without removing their essence.

Lighting Setups for Fashion Photography

One light

In case you prefer to use only one light, this should be away 6 feet from the model. In order to have a short shadow, she should stay close to the background. For a relatively simple setup you should only use a light, background and models without reflectors or other items.

Make it more complex

The setups for fashion photography light could also become more complex if you wish to have more control over the light and shadows. In case you choose to use a wider light setup keep in mind that the small light boxes don’t work for you because they will create harsh shadows.


You can achieve effects similar to having large windows regarding the lighting setups for fashion photography, if you wrap the walls in plastic. In order to achieve the right depth, it is best to have the flash away from the window and there will be need for a lot of power.

Add the light

When you are done with the setups of lighting for fashion photography you could be thinking about adding a strip light without any fabric to the left side of the scene. Add a diffusion screen to the light to make sure that it won’t be too strong or harsh.

The silver reflector

To make sure that light will bounce back from the right, it is best to use a silver reflector on the right side of the scene. Since you have long distances, the extra depth will make the photo look more vivid and brighter without being overly dramatic.

Magic solution

The truth regarding the fashion photography setups for lighting is that there isn’t a setup that would work for all photos or all models. In fact, it might be the requirements of the model that will determine the light setup that you will have to use.

When developing the lighting setups for fashion photography it is important not to give your style up, but you have to be open towards new ideas and new effects to be able to develop as a photographer.

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