One of the latest trends regarding photography is light painting. If you are new to it, you may be interested in some light painting photography techniques. These will allow you to experiment and to come up with new and unique ways of self-expression.

Light Painting Photography Techniques

Product-Like Shot

If you would like to draw the attention upon an object or a product, you should place it on the table in the dark room and trace the contour of the object. For a strong effect it is a good idea to use different colors. In the same time you could also draw the different parts of the object.

Location Shot

For this photography technique of light painting you will need a setting with some ambient light. Use the light to capture the background of the photo and paint the object with light. As a result you will achieve a more surreal look of the subject in a normal looking setting.


When it comes to the light painting photography techniques you should know that you can use this technique on a wall or on thin air. The best thing about this technique is that you can write anything because there will be no trace of it.

Different Light

In case you are interested in the methods of light painting photography you should make sure not to use the same light all the time because the photo will look flat. The purpose of light painting is to achieve different and interesting results with different kinds of light.

Dimmable Flashlight

In order to achieve the best results with the light painting photography techniques you should use a dimmable flashlight. This will make sure that you will use the right amount of light on the entire photo and that your work will seem to be out of this world.


Although the light painting photography methods require a long exposure you should know that it could also result in noise. Also remember that for the best effects you will need several photos taken. It is common for the photographers to have to treat all the parts of a photo separately.

If you want to excel with the light painting photography techniques you will have to make sure to exercise a lot and this may require a relatively large part of your free time since photography needs investments and involvement.

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