One of the most popular trends of the moment is light painting. This grabs the attention of people through the various colors used so it is no wonder that there are a lot of photographers looking for light painting photography ideas.

Light Painting Photography Ideas

The Outline

One of the most interesting ideas that you could possibly use is to have one or more subjects and have people tracing their outline with a light source. In the end the picture will look like the subjects have a glowing aura and they will look like some real life cartoon characters.

Raining Light

The photography ideas for light painting also include having a person on the photo who’s holding an umbrella. Have sources of light ‘falling’ around the subject so that it will look like it’s raining light or fire. Make sure that the light will bounce back from the umbrella, just like water.


One of the most interesting effects that you can achieve with the light painting photography ideas is to make people look like they are ghosts with a glowing aura. Again, the outline of the subject should be traced. It works best on dark backgrounds and there should be a bright object as well for the viewers to see that the subject is transparent.

An Angel

When it comes to the tips for light photography one of the ideas that you could use is to have a subject in the middle of the photo and have angel wings traced around him or her. Make sure that the subject is completely still for the best effect.


In case you are interested in the light painting photography ideas you should know that you can make your subjects look like they have superpowers. Most probably you know how the cartoon characters are represented when they are moving very fast. You can achieve the same results if the subject is moving.

The Soul

If you don’t mind using creepy light photography tips, consider having a subject with their mouth open. Have light coming from his or her mouth which will make the whole thing look like the soul is leaving the body. This idea isn’t recommended for the fainthearted.

There is almost nothing that you can’t create through the light painting photography ideas and they make it possible to combine reality with fantastic or unreal elements.

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