Sean Arbabi is one of the pros with a lot of experience in photography exposure. There are basic lessons for exposure in the digital photography. Every expert and pro would tell you to practice more, but what is the major key when taking pictures with the best exposures?

better exposure

The advices of Sean Arbabi are several. Here are some of them. The ground level is to play with creating metered scenes. Use the option as Depth-of-Field, Shutter and Aperture Priority. Create images with fast and slow shuttered speed in order to see the difference and to choose the one you want.

For images with light and shadow in the scene, use your camera meter options such as Spot Metering, Matrix-metering, Center-weighted and etc. According to Sean Arbabi, exploring the miracles of the equivalent exposures, you can achieve great exposures in a scene. The pros are advising always to use filters, which are correcting your exposures.

The greatest challenge in exposures is the ability of the photographer to mix the right light, color and value. For fixing the exposures use sidebars like sidelight vs. backlight vs. front light.

Use fill-flash option, diffusion and reflectors. Always produce three images of one scene with a different exposure technique. This way you would be able to see which one is the best for the right exposure.


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