In case you are stepping into the world of the digital photography, there is a certain way to learn more and improve your skills – online course with famous photographers.

One of those courses is to learn how to tell stories with your images. This will be taught to you by the instructor of the course – Rob Sheppard, the editor of Outdoor photographer, with more than 12 years experience and over 30 photography books.

The course is 4 weeks and the lessons are extremely important, because they will teach you to discover how to go beyond subject-based photography. In this course you will learn to tell stories due to your vision and sense for the image.

The professional will teach how to think visually about the world in order to produce better images.

The basic technique of using moviemaking ideas so to find the best shot for your subject will also be revealed at the course. Another advantage of the lessons is that you will learn how to receive more from composition and camera angles, as well as to be able to bring multiple images together.

According to the biggest names in the area, these are exactly the basic factors to create images that tell a story.


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