They call him “The Nikon Legend behind the Lens” and this is his most suitable nick name. Tony Sweet is a name that everyone into digital photography knows very well. Tony is one of the top digital photographers with 20 years experience as a professional jazz artist.

HDR photography

He had only one weak point – nature photography and this is exactly way he changed his profession and turns to be one of the best photographers in this area. His creations are called spontaneous and abstract. He has been launching several books over nature photography and the name “master” suits him perfect.

Tony Sweet’s biggest weapon is the High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR), which he is using at a high professional level. Recently Tony Sweet’s art is available for anyone that wants to learn the secrets of HDR.

HDR photography 01The pro is offering online courses about how to use special software Photomatix in order to create perfect HDR pictures. The course lasts 4 weeks and it is especially for those, who want to gain professional and master level into nature photography and HDR images.

The last lesson of the course is totally for extreme exposures, different subjects and post-processing. The course doesn’t need your online presence and usually the lessons are sent by email.


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