Taking a family portrait or children’s photos can often be difficult tasks if you can’t get the kids to sit still long enough for the shot. Family images are often used for greeting cards and to adorn the houses of family members.

While many families hire professionals to take the photos, they can easily be done by a family member or friend. If you decide to take your own shots, you’ll find that children can often become restless and/or bored with the proceedings and posing.

You don’t want the kids to be hyper and energetic when taking photos, so make sure you haven’t been feeding them candy treats and endless amounts of sugar before the photo session. Also try toschedule the shoot for times in the day when your children are usually pretty calm or relaxed. This might be after a long day at school or closer to bed time.

How to Get Kids to Sit Still for Photographs?

If you can offer the children a focal point it usually helps. Use something that will hold their attention for a minute or two so you have time to take the shots. This could be anything, depending on the children and as their parents, you’re sure to come up with something suitable to grab their attention, however briefly.

You may want to offer them something in exchange for sitting still during the photo session. You may look upon this as some sort of bribery, but when all else fails this can be a very effective method. And in the long run, it’s usually worth it as you’ll have photos that will last a lifetime. Again, being their parents will give you an inside track when it comes to finding something suitable to offer them.

Once the children know what’s coming after the photos have been taken they should settle down long enough to take some good shots. If the children are babies it’s usually a bit easier to get them to settle down, especially if it’s a family portrait as you can just hold the babies in your arms.

If you’re taking shots of the baby only, one of the parents can be used as a focal point or some type of play toy as babies are often fascinated by these types of objects. Each family will be a unique situation and it’s not very hard to come up with some ideas if you know your children well.

Professional photographers also need to have a bag of tricks up their sleeves when they encounter fidgety children. It might take some experimenting at first and things won’t always go as smoothly as hoped, but once you find the secret to getting children’s’ attention it will make things quite a bit easier when taking their photographs.

Another way to get the children to sit still long enough is to use their favourite teddy bear as a focal point or to make funny faces at them. They’re also attracted to noises so that could be another alternative. Don’t forget to make sure the children are dressed in comfortable clothes too.


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