Some of the best photographs ever taken are of the simple things in life. If you look past the obvious, you may be able to find more subjects and topics to capture. Every picture tells a story and every item also has a story to tell, no matter how old or new it is.


When looking for something to photograph, remember that aged and old objects can often create a good sense of nostalgia. For instance, an old farm house is probably full of history and stories and often possesses wonderful charm and character. This can then be translated into your photograph as it creates a presence or mood that brings your image to life.

Just about everything in this world is worth photographing. You don’t really have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find something to take a picture of. These include simple things such as rolling green fields, colourful skies, babbling brooks, and waterfalls, etc.

The key to taking interesting photos is to always be open to everything as a subject. And remember that the same topic can look quite a bit different at certain times of the day and in various lighting and weather conditions, etc. If you keep it simple, you’ll find thousands of things that are worth photographing.


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