Jane Bown is a renowned British photographer whose career now spans 60 years, ever since her first photograph was published in The Observer, a United Kingdom newspaper in 1949.

janeFamous people from both the 20th and 21st centuries have been photographed by Jane Bown, earning her critical acclaim and a place at the National Portrait Gallery and at The Observer.

Among the famous portraits that she did were Orson Welles (1951), John Lennon (1963), and the eightieth birthday portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jane Bown works primarily in black-and-white film, using a forty-year-old camera under available light. In some cases when the light is bad, she uses the light from a reading lamp.

With this lighting[Lighting techniques] she has captured the humanity, strength and weakness of her subjects. However, it is not only in portraiture that Jane Bown continues to shine.

Jane BownShe has also done extensive photojournalism work, most of which are included in a book entitled “Unknown Bown 1947 -1967”. One series she did of the Greenham Common evictions became part of a photography survey on Britain held at Tate Britain.

Jane Bown has not only done portraits of famous people, she has also loved taking pictures of children; this being her first job until The Observer contacted her to do her first celebrity portrait, the philosopher Bertrand Russell. Her whole work philosophy can be summed up when she says, “Some photographers take pictures; I find them.”


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