iPhone has already made a revolution, but in a world of super technologies this sounds pretty logical. There is one branch, which will surely change after the iPhone era. This is the digital photography.

Many professionals refuse to admit it, but shooting with an iPhone is already part of the game. The old-fashioned approach to the digital photography has its advantages, but still the pictures made with an iPhone technology are considered as the very best from the digital art.

Shooting with iPhone 3Gs has its bonuses. First and more important is that you are no longer limited to your camera. The latest DSLR and the pro look are guaranteed by the options that iPhone is giving you. Take a look at the creative side from your work. You don’t need a studio, heavy equipment and you can create professional images anywhere you want.

As for the all common concerns of any photographer – the contrast, the color and the distortion- they are no longer issues.

The professional model of the iPhone is now offering a complete set of all the options one can need, while shooting. The sharpness of the image, as well as the chromatic aberration is now even better than the traditional and well known photography instruments.



  1. I love love love iphoneography. =) I’m glad it’s such a revolution!! I have the new iPhone 4, and it’s awesome!! I loved my 3g S, but the iPhone 4’s camera is so damn crispy!! =) I <3 my 5 megapixel camera.

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