iPhone remains to be an ever-so-good photography champion, that clicks mind-blowing snaps with its camera. An obsession that photography lovers shall never get enough with, photography turns into something more interesting when you introduce themes to it. Struggling to grab some exciting themes to experiment with your iPhone? Get past fancying the same old subjects, and add more dosage of creativity with few never-seen themes.

Excellent Themes that You Can Try with Your iPhone Photography


We all come across signs almost everywhere nowadays; starting from lorries, billboards, pavements, buildings etc. How about letting the sceneries and pets take a back seat, while you photograph signs for a change? Think about an unexpected place where you can come across signs, thus being successful in adding a ‘star’ factor in your snap.

Interesting Themes to Experiment with Your iPhone photography

Anything and Everything on Wheels

There are absolutely so many things that you can see on wheels; trains, bicycles, trucks, cars etc. Nonetheless, to say, any object on wheels makes for a great photography. Search and find ways where you can capture vehicle parts to bring about the whole. For instance: capturing just the seatbelt, steering wheel or bumper.

Opt for burst mode when photographing moving vehicles and stationery, to give it a better impact.


You can never have enough of trees, and anybody you ask love photographing them. Trees are serene and make for the best photograph. Trees are one amongst those subjects that can be captured and photographed in a whole lot of ways; from the silhouettes of naked branches to the fallen leaves that boast of color.

What makes trees the best of all subjects is their uniqueness of transformation all through the year.


In case you feel you cannot fit the entire building into one frame, opt for the panoramic mode, from the camera app to capture an amazing wide shot. You can also try concentrating on a particular portion of the building that includes exciting texture and details.

Search around for historical buildings in your locality; including old barns, churches, and abandoned buildings that make for a fascinating theme. Avoid photographing the building exteriors. Get inside of it and look around for something that is a head-turner. You can also capture a rather simple building and use your editing skills to make it interesting.


Food can be quite challenging to photograph, given the difficulty one faces to make it look sumptuous in photos. So how exactly do you help food look more delectable? Use natural light to get hold of a natural food color. You can turn to window light while shooting the interiors. The artificial light like the indoor light bulbs can form unsightly color casts, lending tablecloths, plates, and food, a vibrant orange hue.


Mannequins make for an amazing model. You can help them pose as per your wish, and what’s more? They wouldn’t even ask you for a salary. Mannequin heads make for a super subject, but you can also try photographing the store mannequins when windowshopping.

Once you start using these themes for your iPhone photography, you would realize that you are easily succeeding in being able to find and create your own photography themes.

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