One problem that almost all of you may have faced regarding your camera is its charge retention capability. This happens especially on vacations or extended touring where you are keener on capturing each and every sight you see but the “battery” factor is just erased from your mind.

Often you tend to forget to put your camera battery on charge even after retiring. But this forgetfulness costs you the next day when you start exploring new vistas and your camera is low on charge. Thus to avoid the situation you can go with some basic rules while using the camera that will help to extend your camera’s battery life.

increase battery life of your camera

Learn to Extend Camera’s Battery Life

Turn off LCD Screen Display

It is best to turn off this feature and use the viewfinder instead for composing shots. The latter option will help you save energy as the LCD screen display drains a lot of power.

Delete ONLY when necessary

Do not waste unnecessary time in deleting pictures. Do so only when your camera is low on memory space. You can organize your folders later as the deletion process uses enough battery.

Use Flash only when you need

There is an Auto-Flash option that will help you to reduce the usage of flash as this is one feature that needs a lot of power. Never use this feature unnecessarily.

Avoid Continuous Focus

There is no need for this feature (consumes a lot of power) for you will have to focus when you are ready to take the shot.

Half Shutter Feature

Use half shutter only when ready. Though the half shutter feature allows you to focus and realize your focal object, continuously using this feature and then not clicking to take photos drains a lot of battery.

Restrict Zooming

Most cameras now come with a variety of lenses to take close-up shots as well as shots far away. You do not need to zoom unnecessarily just to save the time and effort of changing the lens. Zoom features are high on battery consumption. Rather change your lens when needed.

Don’t Preview Frequently

Limit the preview time to a minimum and there is no need to show others what photos you have clicked on the expense of your camera’s battery.

Though this has been said several times, but you cannot undermine the importance of charging the batteries of these cameras. Charge them regularly and fully, to increase the camera’s battery life. It goes a long way and will give you uninterrupted photography sessions.

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