A technique to create images with a larger field of view; Panoramic photography is a craze amidst photographer enthusiasts and landscape photographers. Panorama photography allows the photographers to merge a variety of images to create a genuine panorama image-a photograph width ranging from 2:1 to 10:1 followed by a field of view covering 3600.

That digital advancement has made it quite easy to shoot and get amazing panorama images, you have to take care of various aspects, the camera alignment, the consistent viewpoint, for instance, to transform the images into excellent panoramas.

Important Things To Consider While Shooting Panorama Image

Set the camera level

You get the perfect panorama images if you can shoot with a consistent viewpoint. The changing of camera angle shows up in the final results. While the image you shoot from an altered angle of view might be a suitable contender as a solo image, it shows up quite inappropriately to overemphasize the distortions when merged to create a panorama image. It is henceforth suggested to set your camera properly on the tripod and pan It from right to left or bottom to top. This enables you to maintain the viewpoint and alignment of the camera.

Manually set the exposure

The next essential thing to determine when trying to create panoramic images is to perpetuate the same exposure all across the images. The camera is designed to understand the scene and vary the exposure as needed by the scene. When you pan the camera from right to left, there are possibilities that the exposure for each of the shots might differ. When the various images with different exposure are blended together, it leads to a banding effect. It is henceforth advisable to manually set the exposure and reduce the chances of ruining the image at bay.

One focal length

If you are using a zoom lens to create source images, try not to zoom in or out of the scene. If you can use consistent focal length when panning the camera from right to left up and down, it shall help you greatly in perfect and amazing aligning of overlapping photos.

Overlap amply

Overlapping the images is considered of the prime requirements to create panoramic images. Wish to create magnificent panoramic images? Try overlapping the images by 20% to 30% or more. The lesser you overlap, the more you introduce the artifacts when software stitching tries to align the photos automatically to gather the panorama.

Opt for manual focus

Turn on manual focus, when clicking source images to create panorama images. This makes sure that the major point of focus of the frame is aligned to the middle of the image while also making way for overlapping along the right and left sides of the frame.

Stitch the photographs

Lastly, it is time to witness the simplicity of stitching the photos in Photoshop. Photoshop provides for a feature-Photo merge that blends a variety of images to create a panoramic image. Photo merge gathers up the images to present them as one image with a wider field of view.

So, these were six of the incredible tips for an amazing panoramic image. Go on and experiment now. Good Luck!

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