There are a lot of people looking for ideas for long exposure photography. It is no wonder since the style has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Although it may seem easy, one of the most important elements to think about is the ND or neutral density filter.

10-Stop Filter


In this case the tripod isn’t the most important thing to think about, but the filter. Since you could be shooting for several minutes it is a must to have a tripod as well to keep the camera still. Some people say that you should secure your camera bag to the tripod to make sure that it won’t move, but this is not such a good idea if there’s some wind.


In case you are interested in the photography ideas for long exposure keep in mind that since the filter is so dense, there won’t be enough light for autofocus. This is why you should focus without the filter. Set the focus manually and then add the filter. As a result the lenses won’t be searching for focus.

Really Long Exposure

When thinking about ideas for long exposure photography it is good to remember that if the exposure takes more than 60 seconds, you will have to find the bulb mode of your camera. It is very likely that you will need a remote shutter.



The photographers looking for tips for long exposure photography should find the perfect conditions. Usually it is best to opt for a cloudy day when the wind is relatively strong. If there are no clouds and no wind, there will be nothing to add movement to the photo.


Even though you may have a low ISO, the ideas for long exposure photography tell you that the picture could still get noisy because of the hot pixels. To remove them from your photo you will have to take a shot with the lens’ cap on to have a black photo with the same hot pixels.

RAW and the Long Exposure Photography Tips

Because of the color casts the ideas for long exposure photography tell you to shoot in RAW so that you will be able to remove the color casts later. If you use really long exposures color casts can damage the picture and in this case the best way to go is to use a black and white conversion.



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