Rule of thirds is one of the basic principles of digital photography that every beginner photographer must be aware with.

It helps you in many aspects in photographing various subjects like taking pictures of animals, nature photography and also in portrait photography.

If you are new to photography it is very essential for you to understand the concept of rule of thirds in photography.

4 Tips for using rule of thirds

  • For using rule of thirds you should imagine the grid on the image that you are going to compose.  If your camera has auto focus points, it will be very beneficial for you to use these points as references for imagining grid on your picture that you are going to take.
  • Even you can use rule of thirds, if you have an LCD screen for composing beautiful pictures. Otherwise, there is another option for you to use rule of thirds in photography. You can draw a grid with 4 lines on view finder, but remember not on the lens, to use rule of thirds in composing images.
  • Initially it can be difficult for you to use rule of thirds in your photography. So, during initial stages, you can use the above mentioned method of drawing grid on viewfinder to take good pictures.
  • Although it is difficult for you to remove the grid, you should avoid it if necessary. However, with little practice and enough experience, you can easily use rule of thirds with your imagination.

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