There is some good news to all the beginner photographers out there. In our days the learning curve is a lot faster and also a lot cheaper. However, the downside is that photographers tend to point and shoot without giving it too much thought. In order to take good shots there is need to train your photographic eye.

How to Train Your Photographic Eye

The Lights

The first step is to observe the quality of light; decide whether you’re dealing with hard light or soft light. The more you know about the quantity and quality of light, the better your photos will become. In the same time, adding the most suitable kind of light will really bring your photos to life.

Composition Rules

In order to make the photo a good one, you have to focus on your main subject and also use the depth of field to your advantage. Stop before you take a shot and reconsider. You have to think about what you want and think about how to make a stronger statement with your shots.


One of the most powerful tools to lead the eyes of the viewer is to have lines in a photo. Just think about the shots of the road with the line in the middle. Did you ever notice how the line leads your eyes to the distance? You can achieve the same effect by taking shots of a fence or a row of trees, for example.

Rule of Thirds

You can turn your average shots into good ones if you use the rule of thirds. Naturally, you shouldn’t overuse it and it is also alright to break it from time to time. However, you have to make sure that you break the rules intentionally and that this is what you want.


Certain color combinations can also be used to lead the eye to the main subject of the photo. On the other hand, if you feel like the colors are distracting the viewers from the essence of the picture, you might want to turn the picture into a black and white one.

Negative Space

It is just natural that the subject has to be in the center of attention and in order to make is seem more interesting, you should use negative space around it. This way there will be more emphasis on the subject, because it will be surrounded by positive space, making the eye jump to it.

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