One of the most effective and artistic ways to photograph water is to slow down the motion of it in the image.

If you keep the digital camera’s shutter open for a few seconds you can create a soft and flowing effect for the water while everything else in the photo stays crisp, clear, and sharp. This will give the water an eerily beautiful effect that resembles a painting.

The best way to achieve it is to use a tripod to steady the camera and slow the shutter down to an exposure speed of at least a second or longer.

You may want to use the self timer to do this and a polarizing filter will even give it more of an effect.

If you can set the aperture of your camera, try using anywhere between f-8 and f-16 if possible as this will produce a greater depth of field as well as causing the shutter to slow down.

The one or two second exposure will then produce a flowing effect to the water. A good place to try this is out is at waterfalls and streams which are located in the shade.

If you place a pair of sunglasses in front of the lens they will get rid of any distracting reflections that could be in the image.


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