Every one knows that sun light is terrible at noon, particularly on a sunny day and most of you feel that mid day is not appropriate and also terrible to take pictures.

But, in reality, instead of giving up taking picture in mid day, you can actually turn the situation to your advantage. Wondering how? Just follow these steps.

Seek shade

Most of you think shade will be much darker when compared with sunlight, but even shade will be quite bright on a sunny day. So, try to make use of it while taking pictures in mid day.

Use good filters

Filters can enhance your photographs in much better way. Polarizing filter helps to increase the contrast between white clouds and blue sky. Additionally, it can take away the reflections from leaves and produces more saturated colors.

Use studio diffuser

Diffuse the excess lighting using studio diffuser, sheet stretched on a frame, which improves the color and softens the hard shadow along the edges of the photograph.

Increase the aperture

It would be much better to under expose your photo rather than over expose. So, switch your camera to manual mode and bump up the aperture to overcome extreme light.


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