Shoot for moon – that literately needs certain equipment. For a photographer there is no other thing like capturing the bright moon or the sunset, but anyone who ever tried to do it knows it is not that easy.

Make sure you are having a solid camera tripod, especially if you are going to photograph an image on a rocky terrain. In case there is a strong wind, put some weight on your tripod such as your bag or something heavier in order to add more stability.

It is good to have also a wireless remote release as well as camera mirror lockup option. It will reduce eventually the vibrations.

moon photography(Image Source)

Make sure you charge your battery before you are going to take the images, simply because in a cold weather, the batteries not work properly.

shooting moon

Keep warm and safe your camera, lenses and accessories. The best time for shooting the moon is when the moon is almost full and it is low on the horizon.


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