There are several ways to implement the lines in your work. These lines could lead an image’s viewer into your photograph and there are three types of lines including the horizontal lines, vertical lines, and diagonal lines. Through this brief guide we will talk about the way you can use those lines and implement those factors in your digital art.

To be conscious about these lines, it’s recommended to look for your past works and search for any line factor. Through that way, you could realize what kind of lines succeed to give a good impact and what kind of lines didn’t work well.

Then next time if you get the chance to hunt for some good moments for your digital art, you should consider those lines to help you show the actual story of a moment. It’s better to work with them than work against those lines.

Using line factors is not a simple thing to be done. First, you should consider the horizontal lines. This kind of line will give viewers an essence of stability.

Fallen trees, sleeping people, horizons, horizontal lines on the wall, and even the calm oceans are some examples of the horizontal line factor.

These lines could act as the dividing point in a picture and it results on the anchor that the other details of the image is formed around the point.

On the other hand, unbroken horizontal line could make a work feel a little bit static or dull. Combining it with another point of interest could be a good strategy.

Second, it’s about the vertical lines. These lines add more power and strength to your work. For example, you can use skyscrapers or trees, and you could also rotate your camera to get the vertical framing.

Those vertical lines will emphasize on its height and just like the horizontal lines, it’s better to have something to break the lines. This will give the sense that the image couldn’t contain another point of interest and also emphasize it better.

The last is about the diagonal line factor. The diagonal lines will work well to draw the view throughout the digital artwork. This will create other points of interest as those objects intersect with other lines.

Using the perspective rule, diagonal lines could give a better depth of an image and also the sense of action as well as adding a dynamic into your works. Combining all these factors will result on high quality effect and add emotion to your digital artworks.


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