Photography is all about capturing light in the lens of the camera [Camera Lens]. When it comes to shooting images in sunlight, everyone prefers to click images in the golden hours, the 10-minute span after sunrise and before sunset.

The lighting at this time is very soft and has perfect lighting.

Many professionals recommend beginners start their outdoor photo shoot at this time to get perfect images.

Professional photographers also have a fear of shooting images in midday sun. The sun at this time is very harsh and the sun’s rays very dangerous as they show a spectrum of colors. Images shot at this time will give harsh colors, shadows and blown-out images.

However, it is not always possible to shoot during the golden hours, and sometimes in the harsh midday sun is the only time available. There are many tips that can make your midday sun photo shoot success.

How to make the midday sun photo shoot triumph?

Metering: The midday sun gives a combination of darker shades and lighter shades in the same image. Normally the sky is of lighter shade and has blow outs; the object is dark and forms shadows. If the image you are photographing falls into this category, try to click the image under-exposure.

Changing the camera metering-modes will also help in tacking the midday sun images. Experiment with camera metering modes and you will surely find out a way to capture the images in harsh midday sun.

Go for close-ups: Outdoor photo shoot do not only mean nature and its elements. This technique may not be possible when clicking images of mountains, seas or forests; but can be useful when clicking a single object. When shooting the object from close up, you can avoid unnecessary contrasts formed with the midday sun.

Try to look for some shade in the midday sun and then click the images; see that the midday sun does not cause lens flare. When hitting the shutter release button, check the background and depth of field. Bringing the object into exposure and leaving the background in unexposure can control blow-out in close-up shots.

Create shade: This technique is also best used in close-up shots. If you cannot find any shade in the location, artificially create the shade. An umbrella is the best option for controlling the blow-out of the mid-day sun.

The shade softens the harsh sunlight and adds life to the photo without blow-outs. An umbrella also acts as a lens hood in controlling the lens flare.

Camera settings: Many setting in the camera can control midday sun blow-outs. One such setting is the ISO; flexibility in the ISO setting can control the effects of harsh sun.

When you are in midday sun, most people prefer to set the ISO lower. But the effects of setting the camera with higher ISO and clicking the images will astonish you.



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