As the saying goes, “every picture tells a story.”  However, some pictures seem to tell better stories than others. If you’d like to improve on this technique and aspect of photography when taking travel shots there are a few things you can try out. If you can tell the story of a destination then you’ve done a great job.

To get a good idea of how to take excellent travel images you should take a look through some online travel sites or in travel magazines. This will give you a few ideas on how to capture a good moment in time.Travel-Photos

A good travel photo or gallery typically combines several elements or a combination of them in the same frame. These include the location, people, culture, and even food.

It’s easier to do when you’re trying to capture a single location, but quite a bit more difficult when attempting to capture a whole city. Most travellers take shots of famous places and buildings etc. However, they usually all look the same as the objects have been photographed from every angle imaginable.

It’s hard to come up with a fresh idea or way to photograph something that has been shot millions of times before. But if you can combine the image with some of the elements above, especially people, you’ll have something a little different.

People are always important when it comes to travel photography, especially local residents as they often define the areas’ culture. It’s a good idea to capture people who work in specific occupations such as policemen and waiters etc. as they often typify a certain location.

For example, if you travel to London you might want to capture one of the Queen’s guards or a gondolier if you end up in Venice.

Since most nations are known for certain types of cuisine, it’s not a bad idea to take a few shots of people cooking outdoors or of restaurant dishes. Taking group photos of people eating at picnics or festivals can also be effective. In addition the outside of restaurants, cafés and bistros etc. often tell a lot. You can also take shots of menus, chefs, servers and simple table tops.

It’s a little bit harder capturing the feel of a destination as many people get something different out of each location. Just go with your instinct and take shots of what you feel best represents the spot.

This could be anything that captures the spirit of the location such as architecture, shop windows, people, vehicles, activities, and festivals.

Some of the best shots can come from the simplest things such as the activities you engage in while on vacation, the attractions you visit and the hotels you stay at. Hotels convey a city’s hospitality, works of art show off the place’s culture and physical activities and landscapes are always interesting.

Taking travel photos should always be fun. Unless you’re a professional trying to make a living at it, don’t analyze every situation, just do what your instincts tell you and you’ll end up with some interesting shots.


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