night photographyTaking pictures at night can be difficult. Flash gives harsh illumination and often spoils the exact image one was trying to capture.

Getting good night pictures will require solid knowledge of the features of the camera being used.

The best results for night photography involve using a very slow shutter speed, allowing the camera to take advantage of all the available light.

The problem with using a slow shutter speed is that it increases the chance that you will inadvertently move or jostle the camera, ruining your shot. Try using a tripod with a shutter release cable to avoid movement in your camera.

It is possible to use a faster shutter speed if you open the aperture setting. This again helps the camera to take advantage of the small amount of available light. It will be necessary to experiment with shutter speed and aperture settings to get the effect that is desired.

If using flash to take a photo of a subject at night, it is best to use an external flash rather than the flash on the camera. Because the camera’s flash creates a harsh bright light with shadows, it is usually best to turn off the camera’s flash at night.

The exception may be if you are seeking a special dramatic effect, and this will require trial, error and practice.

Anyone who is serious about taking photos at night should check some research sources for additional techniques. These tips should help to eliminate some of the problems you may have with night photography.



  1. Night photography has always interested me. Night photography is extremely fun, and seems to really encourage creativity.Very interesting article on night photography-love it!Thanks for sharing…

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