Parties can be a great place to get some excellent photos of friends and relatives. Here are a few tips on getting some good party shots.

1. Start early

Take a few shots before the party starts. This way you can capture the food, decorations, and cake before everybody shows up.

2. Take a group shot

Most people branch off into smaller groups at parties.

Try and get a group shot early when you have the chance to gather everybody in the same room.

3. Show some emotion

Always have the camera at your side ready for action. This will allow you to take spur of the moment photos and capture some spontaneous expressions.

4. Candid camera

You’ll be able to get some great shots of people when they’re acting naturally instead of posing for the camera.

5. Use the zoom

Use the zoom feature of the camera to fill the frame with a shot. Also zoom out when you need to shoot a group photo or the whole room.

6. Beware of red eye

Have the partygoers look slightly away from you when taking posed shots as this could help eliminate red eye from the photos.

7. Vary the perspectives

Take shots from a variety of perspectives to keep them interesting. Try them at eye level, from above, and below.


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