atmosphere photographyIf your photos are good, but not as good as you would like, it may be because you haven’t considered the mood you wanted to establish.

There are two major components to setting a particular mood, light and background.

Choose your photography background or location with mood in mind. Think about the emotions you want to evoke.  Pretty patterned wallpaper behind a still life of fruit can bring memories of grandma’s house.

A child playing near a fountain evokes a feeling of fun and refreshment. Consider your backgrounds carefully because they set the tone for your photo.

The other major component of mood is light. Just by changing the lighting you can change the whole slant of your theme.

Imagine first, a child playing near a fountain in bright sunshine. Now, imagine the same image at night. The colors are muted and instead of fun the image can now feel sad or vaguely sinister.

If you are serious about photography, you may wish to invest in a light meter. This can help you in judging the light as it will appear in your finished picture. You may want to experiment with diffusers and reflectors.

A diffuser is placed in front of your light source to make the light softer. Reflectors are placed to direct the light onto your subject. The quality of reflected light is different than the quality of direct light.

The difference between a good photo and a great one is how the viewer feels when looking at it. A good photo is pretty, a great photo touches the heart.


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