traveling shotsPhotography is the best pastime for making your traveling trip memorable and enjoyable.

If you take great care when clicking your traveling images, your traveling album will be interesting and memorable for years.

The first thing you need to get to grips with when you start clicking images is the subject matter of your photographs.

The first answer is people, who make for a dynamic focal point and without whom pictures are incomplete.

Once you decide to photograph people, try to keep them from being aloof and click the images in their local context only. This brings additional beauty to traveling pictures.

What to understand when clicking traveling pictures of people?

Perfect background: Background should not be excluded when clicking the images of people. It is always better to click people’s images in their context. Ensure that the background does not distract the subject from the original context.

Another idea in giving good backgrounds is if your subject is a brighter shade; choose a background with a darker shade. For example, if your subject is wearing white apparel, go for a black background.

Fill the frame with subject: If you are not able to decide on the background of the person, fill the frame with the person without the necessity of the background.

Zoom to the people’s faces and see that the frame is completely filled with the person’s facial expressions.

Prefer un-posed shots: Always thrive for naturality in your shots, as posed shots often don’t have authenticity.

Rather click images of local market places, children playing on streets, or a mother feeding her child. These types of shots prove to be more genuine and natural.

Make a subject: You will surely have a focal point in your picture, but ensure that you surround it with company. Adding a subject to the picture changes the view of the photo.

Ensure that the subject you have added matches the context of the picture and the subject brightens the photography. You can even highlight the subject as the focal point and give two focal points to the pictures.

Candid: Hang around the place with your camera and try to shoot candid pictures. Spontaneous candid shots add fluidity and spice to your traveling album.

To ensure you get the most natural, beautiful traveling pictures, set your camera in continuous mode and start clicking candid photos of anyone you come across.

Explain a story: If you want to explain a story, rather go for an extended photo shoot. If you can spend most of your time with a single person while traveling, you’ll find you are able to click several shots at different places and convey a story through the collection of pictures.

Use different lenses and techniques [Photography Techniques] when shooting the same person; this will avoid getting the same mundane model and photograph.


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