Taking portraits of people you have never met is one of the most interesting experiences that a photographer could have. Although it is a relatively stressful activity, you can be sure that the results will make it worthwhile. In order to make sure that you will succeed, it is important for you to have a plan.

How to Create a Perfect Stranger Portrait Series

What if…?

You may be asking yourself how to do it? How to ask people to stop what they are doing just to allow you to take their picture? How will they react? What do you do if they say yes? You might find out the answer for all these questions by asking a professional photographer.

What do the pros have to say?

It is important for the photographer to be direct and honest. These photographers always find some features of people that they admire. You should tell your subject what you admire about them and be honest about why you wish to take their photo.

Positive Experience

In the majority of the cases people will agree to you taking their photo. They may even ask you how to pose, whether you’d like a better background, and they may blush because you are a stranger wishing to take their picture. These people connect to the photographer and for a short period of time they trust him.

Make a Connection

Don’t forget that the most difficult thing to do is to make the first step. Once you get the nerve to talk to your first stranger you will see that it’s not such a big deal. After the first photo you will have a lot more confidence in your abilities and you can be sure that you will never forget your first subject.


It is obvious what you will gain from photographing strangers, but what does your subject have to gain? It is most natural that a person with a camera has the ability to show people their most beautiful features and to enhance them. Let’s not forget that photographers see the world in a different light and it is easier for them to find beauty.

In case you are looking for a new subject, you should walk on the streets and find people who seem to have an interesting feature that you could immortalize. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be afraid of rejection and you can trust the kindness of people.

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