captuirng photo1The photo composition is an important factor in producing better pictures.

It’s relatively easy so anyone with a camera can do it. So grab your camera and try a trick or two.

Remove unwanted objects that might be in your photo. Before pressing the capture button you must make sure you get rid of these objects by either cropping or moving a bit closer to your subject.

Moving closer eliminates anything that might be flanking your object or happens to be close to your subject. Some of these obstructions can distort your picture quality. That is why you should exclude them by any means possible.

Then comes to the rule of thirds. When you look through your camera’s viewfinder mentally divide your image into thirds. Thus there should be nine equal sized boxes dividing your image.

Position your subject at any one of the intersections of these boxes. Framing your subject this way will produce a picture that is far more interesting to behold as compared to framing your subject in the middle.

I must admit, the first time I held a camera my main aim was to capture my subject in the center of my viewfinder. I practiced until I was so good at it. But only to discover this rule and how so much better my pictures came out.

You should mix and match the color, shape and characteristics of your photographs correctly. They should be integrated in such a way that they complement each other.

For example, when you are looking at the color, pink and green go well together, so pink flowers with long green stems make a good picture.

The angle you are going to use is also part of the ingredients to a good picture composition. We all know the common angle where you just stand in front of the subject and you hold your camera vertically then shoot.

That’s boring and it will produce a boring and plain picture. Crouch, climb a tree, board an airplane, anywhere that you see as an interesting vantage point.

Try out different perspectives and choose the best one. Explore the various options. Well, I can assure you that you will definitely have a great time while at it.

Tug at the viewer’s imagination by drawing him through the photo. You can achieve this by including a long pathway in the middle of interesting greenery.

Or a pathway that passes through the woods. These are unique and creative elements in exceptional photography.


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