Many photographers feel that clicking portrait images is some what daunting process when compared to other photography.

Yes, this is true to some extent as you should full the picture frame completely with the subject.

The focal point of the portrait picture is the subject and slightest mistakes in the portrait can ruin the shot.

Clicking this type of images is really daunting, if you do not have proper idea bout the subject. You need to take of small to small issues of the subject if you want to click a perfect portrait picture.

Other than subject importance you need to take care of the subject expression, lighting on the subject, composition for the background.

Even though portraits are meant for clicking a person in the complete frame, you need a proper background that amplifies the beauty of the portrait subject.

Many think that when clicking a portrait picture, if posing and lighting are taken care you can get a perfect portrait. Yes, this is true and portraits are complete with perfect posing and perfect portrait lighting.

But, just think of a portrait picture which lacks a background, a background which makes the subject aloof. There is nothing worst situation than this; composition of the shot is often ruled out by amateur photographers. If you want a perfect portrait you need a perfect background and perfect composition too.

Composing portraits?

Fill in the frame: Portraits are all about clicking the subject, if you cannot find a perfect background then its better to fill in the portrait picture with the subject itself.

Close-up of the subject can overrule the necessity of a background and you need not worry about the background and its composition.

Close-up shots does not mean just clicking the face of a person, you can even get closer to the person and click the person up to his shoulder or zoom in and click person sitting on a stool. What ever may be the format, see that you completely fill the frame with the subject.

Rule of thirds: Once remember rule of thirds and see that you follow this technique in clicking portrait without ignoring perfect composition.

If you have selected eyes as your focal point, then see that the eyes come into the upper section of the invisible lines drawn in the frame. Never ignore rule of thirds if you want perfect composition in the portrait picture.

Frame your portrait: Framing your picture can be quite interesting task in clicking portrait images. See that the background you have chosen acts as a frame for your portrait.

Texture: If you cannot avoid the background in the portrait then try to include the background and see that the background has texture.

By creating a small depth-of-field and by pulling the subject away from the background you can create a separate texture of the back ground. Your subject will have background and as usual the focal point will be your subject.


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