One of the most popular photography subjects among photographers are waterfalls. The best thing about these is that they are versatile and there are a lot of points of view from which you can address the subject. In case you would like to make the best, there are some tips that you could use.

Do some research

Before you hit the road, the most important thing that you have to remember is to do some research. This way you will know what to expect and you will also know what gear to bring with you. Try to find out about the surroundings and also gather some information about the weather that you can expect.

How to Capture the Best in Waterfalls

What to be looking for?

The thing that you are looking for varies greatly according to your situation. For example, if you live close to Niagara Falls, you might be looking for a new angle. In other cases you may simply want to capture the beauty of the place without wishing to bring any novelty to the photography world.

Packing the camera bag

If you do proper research, you will know by now what kind of gear you will need. It is more than obvious that you will need your camera and a tripod, especially if you need shots that require the camera to be still. You might also need a filter. Although it’s not an absolute must, you should consider the CPL, ND, or ND Grad filters.

Other gear to consider

In some cases it might be difficult to decide whether the camera is in level. This is why it may be a good idea to bring a bubble level. Having a lens cloth is also important especially if there is a possibility for the lenses to be stained with water. Once you are ready with the camera gear, also think about the non-camera gear, such as clothes like hats and jackets.


Most probably the lenses are the most important feature of the camera. You can choose from wide angle lenses, mid-range lenses, and zoom lenses. You will have to choose the lens based on where you will be standing when you are shooting.

Although you might think that there is too much that you have to think about, if you are an experienced photographer, for sure you won’t be overwhelmed of the situation. Make sure that you make the best of your trip.


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