Some of the most breathtaking photos in the world involve sunrises and sunsets as they can be so dramatic. These are some ways to capture great shots of the sun.

How To Capture Spectacular Sunrises And Sunsets

1. Off centre

The photo can be more effective if the horizon is in the bottom third of your frame. This way the sky can dominate the image. When you lower the horizon line it will show off the sky’s changing colours.

2. Blocking flare

The sun often causes flare, so you need to minimize this by blocking it out with your hand, a brimmed hat, a tree, or a lens hood, anything that will provide shade.

3. Camera mode

Some digital cameras have a sunset mode on them. This will set the ideal exposure and focus for the lighting conditions.

If there’s a subject in the photo, try the night scene mode with a flash as it will illuminate your subject. The night mode is ideal for taking photos of people with a sunset as the background.

A sunrise and sunset in a panorama mode will provide a spectacular image of the entire horizon.

4. Depth

If you want to add some perspective and depth, turn the flash off and create a foreground silhouette. Good silhouettes include, people, rock formations, mountains, trees, animals, and boats.

5. The weather

The sky conditions can make or break a photo when it comes to sunrises and sunsets. A clear day and nights can offer a colourful image, but cloudy skies can supply beautiful backgrounds as the clouds often soak in the amazing colours.


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