motion photographyWe always have that spontaneous side when we are shooting photos. It gets boring when you are shooting photos of still objects or of people that are already posing for the photos.

The best pictures to add to your collection of memories are those no one has prepared for and most of these are when people are in motion.

Objects in motion are also interesting subjects to shoot. There are basically a few useful tricks that can help you capture the motion pictures.

1. First and foremost, your shutter speed is crucial when capturing moving objects. It’s advisable to use a fast shutter speed when you want to get a very good focus on your subject. Using a slow shutter speed, will only blur your object.

As to which precise shutter speed is appropriate, it differs with cameras and situations. Just experiment with the different fast shutter speeds and you will get the appropriate one.

2. Another technique in capturing motion pictures is using chrono-photography. This is whereby you take a series of shots of your subject in motion.

The continuous shooting function on your camera will enable you to capture a series of photographs. However if you plan on using this function, it will only work when you have a tripod at hand. Without one your efforts will be hopeless.

3. Panning is also a useful technique. All you have to do is just set your camera to a low shutter speed, maybe 1/60 of a second. Press down the trigger and track your object with your camera until you hear a clicking sound and there you have it.

Your subject is clearly visible and not blurred like the background. This also adds creativity to your photos if you are interested in creating professional looking and fun-to-look-at photos.

However it’s not very easy and you might want to give up after a few tries but keep trying because the best are always a challenge to master.

4. Photographers usually play around with two techniques when they are capturing motion pictures. They either blur the background while freezing the object as above or blur the object while highlighting the background.

    The most important aspect for capturing subjects in motion is to keep trying till you start getting it right. It will take time, but it will be time well spent if you are really keen on capturing these objects.

    Motion capture is more of an art and an art is mastered with practice and patience.



    1. Great article… very comprehensive. capturing moving objects is not the easiest to do… but i’m sure these tips will help me to capture motion pictures.

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