Dudley Harris of 100 Books Publishing Company has the right answer, in case you want to be published as a digital photographer. Despite the prices lately, there are ways for publishing your works without this being as expensive as you thought.

Harris released special programs, which were exactly created for the photographers that want to make their debut and want to be published using a less expensive option. The program allows the photographers to produce at least 100 copies of a 100 page book.

In the world of photography the hardcover books are always a sign that your work is appreciated, that’s why Harris’ program is offering hardcover books with a perfect design.

This will cost you under $10,000, which mean about $82 / copy if you just ordered 100 copies. This sounds a bit expensive, but the good news is that if you go for 1000 copies, the price drops to $11.50 per copy. This way you can surely get quality, good printing and professional editing.

The typical price in the market is now $15 for a copy; therefore Dudley’s plan is very useful. The expert is also allowing the photographers to edit their book alone, to choose the exact paper and the ink, as well as the way they want their photographies to be set up in the book.


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