Better Photo’s team is now offering new courses for any digital photographer. The company gathered together the best photographers in the world, which is giving advice to thousands of photographers in their courses.

Take a look at three of their best tips that are useful even for those of you, who are already professionals.

avoid contrasty situationsAccording to the experts, the first and most important tip is to avoid contrast situations. Contrast is one of the main problems in digital art.

When the shadows and highlights are too extreme, the details of your image are in jeopardy of getting lost.

Reducing your flash output is also a “must” in the digital photography. The very best, which you can do is to program your flash to output less by the setting menu.

reducing flash outputIf this is still not enough, try another technique, while making the picture – just hold your index finger partly over the flash head.

Always remember your camera settings, because often the photographers forget their original settings, especially when they need to change white balance, ISO and other features often.

In this case the solution is easy: simply use a piece of colored gaffer tape as a reminder for your original settings.


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