You’ve probably seen the effect of splash of color in black and white image.

But, do you know how to add color to highlight the subject in black and white image? To get this effect, you can use Photoshop techniques. So, here is the technique that can help you to get desired effect in black and white images.

Magnetic lasso technique

First of all, make a copy of original file and use it for making necessary changes.

The magnetic lasso is the most powerful tool of Photoshop and also suitable for selecting objects with high contrast backgrounds. It is visible with group of two other tools in tool design box.

Now, click the edge point on the targeted area of your image, which creates an anchor point. Next trace the outline of the targeted area.

Always remember to trace out the outline closely and accurately to get desired effect. While you are tracing the outline of the image, magnetic lasso tool will create anchor points through out your selected area.

Now, zoom the image to ensure that your selection is accurate and double click the mouse to end the selection process. Within the selected area of your image, you can make necessary changes by using image attribute tools.


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