Is there something computers can’t do besides thinking on their own that is! A beautifully crafted digital photograph goes a long way in speaking about the mastery the artist holds over his craft.

A lone shadowy figure standing in the middle of the road canopied by trees portrays a mystery.

To some it may seem sinister due to the obvious knife in hand. Some may feel intrigued by the lonely figure.

A lot would depend on one’s frame of mind. The artist has arranged the lights and shadows beautifully to create a mysterious image. The bare tree branches add to the spookiness of this digitally altered photograph.

The pool of light behind the lonely man adds to the mystery. Why is the man emerging from the shadows with a knife in the hand? Is he walking towards the source of light or away from it towards the viewer? Most people would turn and walk the other way if they saw this sinister shadow in the middle of a lonely road.

It almost reminds me of the movie “I know what you did last summer”. A hooded person with a knife is quite close to the negative character of the movie.


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