Digital PhotographyThe digital photography uses light exposure differently and every drop of light can improve or destroy the photo composition.

Especially while taking pictures of the landscape the light is what makes the pictures unique.

The first rule would be to avoid taking pictures around noon time. It is obvious that this particular moment of the day is the one when light disturbs the most, the composition of the digital picture and the only chance to get decent results is to choose a shady place to take the picture. With all these, if you choose to take pictures in the forest during lunch, the situation is not as desperate.

If the subject of your photo can be adapted to an environment with high contrast then the photo can be taken without any problem.

It is preferable to avoid the direct, strong, sunbeams over your head because these will interfere with your plans creating unexpected shadow effect. The alternative would be to take the pictures in the evening or in the morning.

Keep in mind that the light compliments the subject but the shadow defines it. The direction and the quality of those shadows can really make a difference.

Choosing areas where the daylight is modified by the surroundings can help you take the photo in a directional light.

The buildings are an excellent light modifier. In cities the buildings throw shadows and function as reflectors so they can create different colors in the natural light according to the color of the building that is reflecting it.

A white building or a lightly colored one can become a major source of light and can create a better quality of light similar to the one generated by a solar panel.

The sky can be an important source of calming light if we are talking about the classical sky slightly covered by clouds. The contrast between the direct rays is brought down without affecting the light quantity. In this light you can photograph portraits, but the sky is quite difficult to be included in the picture.

The sky represents a fantastic source of light during the whole day but you need to consider that in the morning the light becomes yellow, by noon it’s blue and when the evening comes it turns orange.

After the sunset when the sunlight has gone completely, the sky can still be an amazing source of light for the digital photos. The color of the light is pleasant and the contrast easier to manipulate.

The most astonishing photos are created with the light after the sunset when the natural dusk contrast creates the most creative light exposure ever.


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