Colors create moods. Throughout history certain colors have been linked with certain moods. For instance, red is often related to rage or anger, white is seen as pure and black is often used to represent evil etc. Of course, colors don’t always evoke these specific emotions and moods, but they can often be used in photography for good effect. They can sometimes make or break an image.

In photographs, color usually impacts the image in a couple of ways. One of them iscreating contrast with warm and cool hues.

The other way is when color creates dominance. For instance, yellow, orange, and red are considered to be warm colors while green, purple, and blue are deemed to be cool colors. Warm colors often create excitement and warmth as long as they’re not used in excess.

How Different Colors Can Affect Your Photos?

Red, of course, is seen as the color that creates the most passion and warmth. If the background is white then there’s drastic contrast in the image too. Orange is basically a combination of red and yellow and yellow itself reflects a lot of light.

Green is associated with nature and it can often represent tranquility. It looks good when combined with yellow when used in equal proportions. Blue often creates a calm mood, especially if it’s the blue sky. However, it becomes more powerful when it’s mixed with black.

The color black means different things in different cultures across the world. In some places it represents death and in others it’s more of a formal color used on formal occasions. Black can also make you look thinner and mixes well with warm colors.

Pink and white are often used when you’re trying to create a softer mood or look. They often create the sense of space in a photo. It can be fun to experiment with a variety of colors and shades to create different moods and effects.


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