Nowadays more and more people love digital photography and it is because of the quality that it gives the images it captures. Some people are making digital photography a hobby, while some are doing it for a living.

Whatever your reasons are you need to know the basics of digital photography in order to gain knowledge about what camera you should purchase or how you will use your digital cameras.
Digital cameras are basically everywhere. They are available in shops as well as in online stores. They also come in different brands. What’s important here are the specifications of the camera or rather features that will help you through your hobby or business as a digital photographer.

Here are some useful features that are important when buying a digital camera for your digital photography:

Life of the Battery

As you all know one of the most important things when it comes to digital photography is the batteries. How can you take pictures without a battery?

A lot of people are using rechargeable batteries for their cameras, but the best battery to use is the rechargeable lithium battery because these batteries have the most charges and charge cycles.

Here’s a tip for you about batteries, the thicker your battery the longer it will last and when you battery’s Milliamp hour is high; the charging time usually lasts longer.

Thickness of the camera

Thin cameras contain thin batteries which mean that it won’t last for a long period of time. Choose cameras that are thick because they also have thick batteries.

Thick cameras usually have a lot of features than the thin ones such as, a shutter speed and view finder. It is a bit expensive but very worth it for your digital photography.

Easy to use camera

Always make sure to choose a camera that is easy to use for you to easily figure out the best features that your camera has. Avoid cameras that are difficult to use, you might just not use it anyway.

Choose the best Mega Pixels

Digital photography means taking good quality pictures, so always make sure to choose the camera with higher mega pixels to produce good quality pictures.

Usually cameras have eight mega pixels, but you can always find a higher one. Just make sure you have a big memory to store up your pictures.

Know the special effects

Fun frames are the most common special effects that you can see in a digital camera. They are also used for digital photography for great and funny effects.

Color scheme is the second most common special effects, even mobile phones have this. Photographers can choose different colors such as black and white or if you want your photo to look like vintage use sepia.

Digital photography is the in thing. Gone were the days when you have to buy film and spend extra cash on developing pictures including those which are bad shots. The best thing about it is digital photography can easily be learned by anyone who has a passion in photography.



  1. I’m new to photography and honestly haven’t had any experience in it, but i hope your information will help me to get a good start on digital photography.A very helpful information for a beginner like me.Thanks for sharing..

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