glamour shotsAccomplished amateur photographers can be tempted towards the world of glamour modelling.

It can be very lucrative and the appeal of photographing beautiful women is understandable.

Before you even consider this type of work you will need a good understanding of lighting and composition.

Although the actual model is the main focus of the lens, the right backdrop can help create the perfect mood or style that you are aiming for. It is worth looking out for appropriate locations or interiors and trying them out.

Just like the model you are working with, you need to build up a good portfolio to attract clients and display your work. This is your strength and could be the difference between financial success and failure.

The art of taking good glamour pictures is perfecting the lighting. Ensure that it’s working in your favour and experiment. Metered light readings should always be taken from the models flesh rather than the fabric of her swimsuit.

A professional model will be easy to work with but it might be harder if your subject is inexperienced.

Try to keep the person relaxed and ensure the atmosphere is right, let them know your vision and work to their advantages. Good and continuous eye contact often works well.

The whole purpose of glamour shots is to appeal to a specific audience so make sure you know what this is. There is often an element of illusion required to make a picture seem more seductive than it actually is, mood is everything.


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