digital photography1To achieve the best effects in photography it is necessary to follow specific rules.

Shockingly just as we have a golden rule in accounts, there is also a golden rule in photography which is ‘the rule of thirds’.

This rule illustrates the best way to achieve the best photo composition thus bringing out the best digital photos.

While looking through the camera’s viewfinder simply divide the image into three both horizontally and vertically then focus the camera’s view finder on one of the intersections instead of focusing on the center. This way you achieve interesting and stimulating digital photographs.

Clustered photos can be painful to look at especially when one is not sure what the intended image was, therefore to achieve great photos visual cropping is necessary. This basically involves removing of unnecessary objects in the background of the photo.

Cropping can easily be done by moving closer to the subject or by zooming in on the subject. One can also experiment with different angles, basically anything that will create a good and not cluttered background.

Creating a balance within your photos is a sign of professionalism in photography and thus it is necessary to review the combination between colors and shapes together with areas that are either light or dark. [Professional photographer]

Your subject should be able to relate to the colors around and the time of the day when it is taken.

One should be able to detect your perspective just by looking at the photo so that they can see the same picture through your eyes.

Sometimes it helps to add different elements to your photograph which then emphasize on the perspective of the photographer. This also reduces plainness of the photography and gives meaning to photos.

Photography is usually associated with beauty and thus it is necessary to achieve that effect by experimenting with both the background and the foreground.

The background can be decorated in relation to the subject while framing can be used to enhance the outward appearance and borders of the photograph.

Architectural elements can be used for framing the photos but one should not be limited to the choices as they are so many other elements and ideas that can be used to frame and decorate the photos. However this can only be done as long as it does not interfere with the subject and the perspective it is supposed to communicate.


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