Flowerbeds can be beautiful as they offer some wonderful colors and shapes. Many photographers take dozens of photos of flowers, but when they check the images on a computer screen they feel a little disappointed because the photos aren’t as colourful and interesting as the flowers were.

The Best Way to Get Interesting Flower Shots

There are a few simple ways to recreate the image of the flowers into your digital camera. You should choose a low vantage point. If you take the photos from above you often get more stems, leaves, and the ground than you do of the flower blossoms. Try kneeling down to the level of the flowers. You can then shoot with a distant and slightly defocused background and this can add a sense of depth in the image.

You may want to try picking one flower as your focal point. This can be used as the visual anchor or center of the photo. However, you don’t have to actually place the flower in the center of the image as it may be more interesting to use the rule of thirds. If you don’t choose a flower as a focal point the photo may turn out to look like a mass of color where it’s hard to differentiate between flowers.

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