Digital imaging is a question of many factors and depends on the techniques you are using, in order to create the perfect image.

We are offering you the tips to create real photography shows from fire and light spectacular associations.


In case you are going to create an image with fireworks, you need to change your operating settings. Adjust them accordingly and make sure you are shooting in the right angle. Often when you are creating digital images of fireworks and sparkles, the images are burning from the intensity of these effective lights.


The best advice for creating the right image in this case is to use small apertures – between f/6.3 to f/8.0. It is also recommended to expose a bit more after you are finished with the fire working in order to allow proper background exposure.


There are also two key options when it comes to lighting the sparkle. Images could be lightened outside of the frame and walked into position. This way it will produce a tail, very specific for all spectacular light images.


Don’t forget to minimize the light pollution. It is achievable and all you need to do is to set the camera on bulb and block the lens until you do the set up.



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