How can you find an original angle for a digital picture when all of them have already been covered? It is rather simple and you don’t have to discover new angles but use the ones you know in a way you did not do so far. The key is to try a large variety of angles and think outside the box.

Don’t place yourself in front of your subject. Most people do just that, make you say “cheese” and take the shot. There is no wonder all shots look alike.

The large majority of photographs take the shot using the eye level which is around 1.5 meters. This makes the shots dull, common and annoyingly boring. So think it carefully and use your feet to move.

Finding an Original Angle to Take Your Shot

Use the stomach and not the head. Think “how low you can go”. The limbo dance is the right way to consider levels. Get close to the ground when you take the shot and look up to the subject.

The perspective will change instantly and the shot will be amazingly different. Of course very few people consider crawling on the ground to take the perfect shot.

But if you are prepared to give away the comfort you will surely find the way to the spectacular photography angle.

Change the height where you take the shot from. Bend your knees or sit. Many people do this and changing the height they change the perspective. Compare the shots and determine the difference.

Get close to nature. You can’t shoot the birds in the sky unless you lie on your back. This way you will see the world from a very different perspective. Trees will be taller, angles will capture details you could not see on your feet and you will discover a whole new world.

When looking for the best shot, look at things from the perspective of a bird. Make sure the task doesn’t become too dangerous that you risk injuring yourself or breaking the equipment. Simply do your best to find a spot where you can capture the view above the level of your eyes.

Capturing a shot from an unusual height will make sure the photo covers a more abrupt angle and focuses on details the normal height would not allow you to.

When looking for the perfect angle consider the opportunity to make the shot unique, explore the extremes and dare to follow the subject from an unexpected point of view.

Always remember – the camera can only do so much without a daring mind ready to experiment.


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